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Written by Tanzeel Hassan.

Apple has packed many interesting features inside  to make it huge hit and  is one of the innovative feature that contributed in its success. For those who need a brief introduction,  is Apple’s very own voice-powered assistant which works as an application to fulfill your orders.

Siri vs S-voice vs Google Now

Siri is exceptionally talented and intelligent, she answer the questions of users, make recommendations, and perform actions that are ordered by her master. The overwhelming popularity of Apple’s genius personal assistant has attracted many giants and we saw a strong competitor of Siri, S-Voice from eminent Korean conglomerate. S-Voice made a debut in Samsung Galaxy S3 and now Google has introduced Google Now along with its first tablet in Sans Francisco at Google I/O.

The battle of voice assistant is getting severe and severe as Siri is getting more contenders to compete. It is difficult to decide which one is which one is better, let’s see.

All the three voice assistants, Siri, S-Voice and Google Now have their positive and negative points. Google now is card-based search interface that notes your location and time to give you all the useful information you need. Google Now is launched with 10 different cards to inform you about flight delays, traffic conditions and alternate routes, helps you to catch next bus and train on time, tells you about nearby bars, restaurants, weather updates, currency rates, time at your home and your favorite sports teams. On the other hand the two other voice assistant performs the same functions with little difference.

Siri is faster as compared to S-Voice, it starts and reply faster but note that Google Now is just announced so it is not tested now. S-Voice is more reliable as it gives more accurate results as compared to Apple’s counterpart. Siri has some issues but with the arrival of new iOS 6 it will get a lot better.


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