Will Camera be Android’s Next Target?

In the just-concluded conference, Samsung released a Smart Camera with 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi supported,called Galaxy Camera. Equipped with the latest Android 4.1 system, 21 times zoom, 23mm ultra-wide-anglelens and 16 megapixel back-illuminated SMOS sensor, along with the OIS image stabilization technology,it can still be able to install various Android applications, edit and share photos.

What’s worth mentioning is that voice control and cloud storage are its native functionalities.Prior to Polaroid and Nikon’s released Android-powered compact camera, Samsung’s join-in activate the market even more. After all, Polaroid and Nikon are the old-school manufacturers, strong in optical technology but weak in Android development. And 3G/4G network supported and voice control are clear proof.

Do we need this kind of Smart Camera, indeed?

To me, Smart Camera compared to Smart Phone and Traditional camera is like ILDC( Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera) compared to slim camera and SLR( Single Lens Reflex). Prior to the ILDC, consumers only have two choices, the slim camera or SLR. The characteristic of both two kinds are clear-cut, one for convenience and the other for specialization. You just can’t have it both ways. The emergence of ILDC give users a possibility to compromise. As well as the interchangeable lens remained, it also achieve the entry-level of SLR in performance. In the meantime, it is portable and convenient as much as the slim camera.

So is the Smart Camera. Through the compromise of quality and better sharing character, user can experience the professional imaging quality and later photo-editing and sharing under the Android system. As long as photo-sharing is the trend, Smart Camera would rise just like ILDC if only the costs are controlled.


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