Google Drive on Android, Scans receipts, Adds Cards

Seth Rosenblatt by Seth Rosenblatt May 22, 2013 7:04 PM PDT

Receipt scanning and a new interface, heavily influenced from the Cards look of Google Glass and Google Now, greet you in an update to Google Drive for Android.

You can now scan in receipts and other important documents directly to Google Drive for Android.
(Credit: Google)

Google Now is such a big deal that its interface sensibilities are spilling over into other Google services. The latest recipient of a healthy dose of Now is Google Drive (download), which updated its Android app on Wednesday with several new features.

A new Scan feature lets you back up and track important receipts, business cards, and documents by using existing optical character recognition (OCR) tech already in Drive. Choose Scan from the “Add New” menu, take a photo of the document, and Drive will automatically turn it into a searchable PDF.

The new interface leverages the Card look from Google+ and Google Play by creating more space between items. It also offers a new grid view and “large icon” previews, big enough to get a sense of what’s in the document but really more effective with images.

Document editing has undergone some edits of its own. You can adjust spreadsheet cell text colors and cell alignment from the app, which you couldn’t do before, and you can change a cell’s font typeface and size.

Finally, you can choose on a per-file basis to download documents to your local device storage, in addition to making them available to edit offline.


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